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Sharp's New Routine


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My goals for the next period are Leg strength, Grip strength & 25 solid chin-ups, while working towards 1 arm chins. Ive got a kettlebell ordered to my house, but while im at work im starting with a dumbbell to get used to the exercises...

Monday Wednesday Friday

Dumbbell Swings - 3x20

Clean & Press - 3 x 10

Front Squats - 3x20

In between every set of each exercise I do 20 hindu squats. Ill increase the reps on each as I get stronger.

Then I do the beginner grip training as posted in the FAQ

Finish off with Hindu pushups, Bridge & Janda situps. Then stretch.

Tues & thurs

Cardio. I do 5 min warmup, then 30 sec. intervals for 5 min, then 5 min cooloff.

Then I do the Royal Court for active recovery (hindu squat pushup & bridge.)

Finish with stretching.


Active recovery from fridays workout.


Light stretching

Thats it! Ive got my buddy bringing out some grippers in 2 weeks so Im gonna start to work with them as well on the grip day


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Where do the pullups fit in your routine bro? Otherwise, looks good, very simple and basic.

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Yeah, looks like a pretty good program, although I might decrease the reps on the swing and increase the weight, but that's just me. Also note, I have heard (so it might or might not be true) that hindu pushups put a good bit of stress on the rotator cuffs, more so than regular pushups. I did them for a while and my shoulders started bothering me, so I switched back to regular pushups and that went away. However, I do have an old wrestling injury to my shoulder and it might be just that.

Ps, I noticed you said leg strength, and one of the best exercises for it is the pistol. Later, when you're reppin' out the hindu squats, you might want to give them a try-

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Forgot the chins in all the excitement!

I do them monday to friday throughout the day, currently 10 at a time every hour or 2. Working up to 100 a day. When I can do a solid 25 im gonna switch it up & start doing one arm negatives.

For the swing, im learning the form still & to be honest I can really feel it in my lower back. I think im gonna keep the same weight (35) & increase the reps for the time being. Im gonna order a 35lb kettlebell for when i get home so id like to have a good feel for that weight.

The hindu pushups work great & feel real good. Im working up to 100 per day..

Oh & ive tried the pistol & its not even close! When i can knock out 500 hindu squats im gonna start training the pistol with negatives.



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Monday Night Workout

I did that grip program tonight... Damn! My forearms are pumped! I had to skip the overhand wrist tweaks though, not strong enough yet. So it looks like ill be sticking to plate grab, forearm pumper with olympic bar & reverse curls...

Knocked out 50 hindu pushups today, so that felt great. And my bridge is getting much better.

So all & all a great day!


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