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Roark's Peg2 Log


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My goal is to manage a proper rep with 90 lbs (two 45s) by my 64th birthday, about nine months from now.

My current best set of ten reps is with 60 lbs [45+10+10 load]. I believe I can now get 70 [45 +25]for a single rep if I would skip the set of ten before I try 70, but the best I have actually done is 65 x 3. I am more interested in sets of ten than I am in doing singles on any regular basis.

My experience with the Formulator has shown me that whatever I can do with the Peg2 is about 10-15 percent less than I could do on the F. But I returned my F, so I will be using only the Peg2 from now on.

I also have no immediate interest in using the barbell for wrist curls because I enjoy being pain free.

My steps of progress have been consistent until I reached 65 lbs. For the past two workouts I could manage only 3 reps in the session, so I will be parked at 65 until I can get ten reps.

May 8, 2006

In a hurry this morning, so on the Pegasus2:


35 x 10

45 x 1

65 x 3 (plus a couple of cheats)

55 x 3 sets of 10


5 lbs over bench 2 sets of ten

5 lbs over propped up knees ten reps

2.5 lbs over propped up knees on bench

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