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Swiss Grip Comp V

the swiss

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We had a great day on saturday.

Franky kept pushing me hard on every event with his right hand, and I had my best competition day ever, hitting prs in every event.

Thanks to John Beatty again for the sponsoring,

more (details, pics and vids) later


Swiss Grip Comp V results:


David Hurzeler (the swiss) : 70 pnts
Frank Henritzi (Franky Boy): 60 pnts
Alexandre Bourgeois : 48 pnts
Amaury Macaire (Amaury) : 44 pnts
Eric Detoisien : 41 pnts
Emmanuel Legeard : 40 pnts
Vincent Launay : 30 pnts
Christoph Koch (Honk) : 23 pnts

2'3/8 Dumbell One Hand lift (tilt allowed):

Franky: 87.5 / 82.5
Eric : 60 / 60
Amaury: 75 / 70
the swiss: 87.5 / 82.5
Alex: 65 / 70
Vincent: 60 / 60
Emmanuel: 75 / 50
Honk: 55 / 55

Tyre Pinch One hand lift:

Franky: 21.2 / 15
Eric : 20 / 17.5
Amaury: 17.5 / 10
the swiss: 22.5 / 22.5
Alex: 20 / 15
Vincent: 6.2 / 5
Emmanuel: 12.5 / 12.5
Honk: 7.5 / 5

Ironmind Little big horn:

Franky: 72.5 / 67.5
Eric : 65 / 60
Amaury: 67.5 / 65
the swiss: 75 / 82.5
Alex: 60 / 55
Vincent: 40 / 40
Emmanuel: 60 / 55
Honk: 65 / 50

Rim lift (two hands lift):

Franky: 120
Eric : 75
Amaury: 90
the swiss: 120
Alex: 75
Vincent: 65
Emmanuel: 105
Honk: 65

Front lever lift (from horizontal on floor to vertical):

Franky: 29.5 cm, 5 kg / 16 cm, 5 kg
Eric : 32 cm, 2.5 kg / 28 cm, 2.5 kg
Amaury: 42.5 cm, 2.5 kg / 28 cm, 2.5 kg
the swiss: 31 cm, 5 kg / 31 cm, 5 kg
Alex: 31 cm, 5 kg / 20 cm, 5 kg
Vincent: 42.5 cm, 2.5 kg / 32 cm, 2. kg
Emmanuel: 20 cm, 5 kg / 28 cm, 5 kg
Honk: 16 cm, 2.5 kg / 16 cm, 2.5 kg

Two hands 15kg plate wrist curl (full range) for max reps:

Franky: 12
Eric : 9
Amaury: 6
the swiss: 14
Alex: 9
Vincent: 6
Emmanuel: 0 (injured)
Honk: 0 (16 * 10kg plate)

Farmers hold (tractor weights):

Franky: 25s (200kg)
Eric : 17s (160kg)
Amaury: 12s (200kg)
the swiss: 48s (200kg)
Alex: 35s (160kg)
Vincent: 4s (160kg)
Emmanuel: 27s (200kg)
Honk: -

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Thanks Gazza! oh and we used your thick db !! thanks again, man.

I also forgot to mention that Krongthip (member here) visited us but only had time to do the first two events:

- first event he did 85-85kg (so first performance, equal to Franky and I)

- second one he did a 2rank performance I think.

and with no training !

very strong guy, shame he had to go.

for the front lever, the distance is from in front of the hand to the center of the weights.

ps: how many comps have there been without grippers or bending ?

Edited by the swiss
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Well done everyone! :rock

Too bad i couldn't make it :(

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Nice work fellas...and a really interesting competition.


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Good job guys!!

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Well done David and everyone else. Yet another win.

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Congrats to all! Well done.

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Well done! Congrats to David and Frank :rock

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Hi David,very nice Event!Congrats to you and all the other Competitiors.This Year i had no Time to come to your Event,maybe next Year...?


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It was really nice to meet you guys, David, Franky and Christoph, who I only knew from the gripboard. I am very sorry I had to leave early. Congrats to everybody for the strong results. Hopefully I can make it next time thru the whole competition, if I am in switzerland. I liked it a lot and had a very good time. Thanks to everybody.

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Another great SGC.

It was a pleasure to meet the crazy french guys (Eric, Amaury & Vincent) again.

Some new faces were showing up there amazingly strong (Rene and Emanuel, great guys).

Especially Rene (krongthip) stunned David and me equalling our Fat Bar total in the very first event. :bow

Super nice hospitality as usual by Davids wife Nadja, her parents Felix and Antoinette and her brother Gilles where we stayed for 3 nights.

I did quite well in the contest and got new PRs in the tyre pinch, the fat DB lift and the plate wrist curl.

My lefty wasn't as weak as expected in the front lever event so I'm really happy with it.

David is still the master as he won every event. :bow

Next time David. :yikes

BTW Super cool prices we got:

Hand made knifes forged by a black smith sitting on a nice wooden block designed by Felix.

The swiss trophys are definately making the top of my collection. :happy

Thanks David.

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Glad your still useing those D/Bells,they were worth the Swiss chocolate :D

Was the thick d/bell lift a full deadlift.

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Yes, full DL including a short hold.

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Thats a serious lift 80 plus kilos in each hand and done by 3 people :rock

what do you think off the Ironmind little Big Horn as a carry over to other grip things.

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Good job and congrats to all for doing a great contest!

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Are the weights in the little big horn contest plates only or including the little big horn?

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Weights are plates only, add about 3.5kg for the total.


I don't see a carry over to other events besides fat vbar of course.

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