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Beggining Workout, Advice Needed


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OK, so I ponied up the cash and have a COC #1 on the way. After lurking on the gripboard for a while, I think I have a starting point for grip training in mind. Anyone who sees any flaws please tell me!!

tue thur sat

coc 1 work ( negatives, singles ect whatever i can do right now ) 3 sets

double plate pinch for holds ( I can pickup 2 25 right now with 2 hands, only for a second though) 3 sets

reverse curl 3 sets

finger extensor work with a heavy rubber band

contrast baths and dexterity balls

Thats it for now.

Comments welcome and greatly appreciated.


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Looks good for a start. Post your workouts here and people will look it over and give feedback as needed. Good luck.


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Get started, and things will fall into place as you go. People on the board are always willing to help.

Have fun with your training.

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