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Resuming wrist curls


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Have decided to resume my wrist curl training, and this

morning got 180 for 6 reps.

My goal is to get 225 for 6 by August first. My previous best was 200 for 6 about four months ago.

The gym recently added a wrist roller machine- anybody have

any experience using this to increase wrist curls? Thanks.

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Guest Reverend

I haven't done these since December.  Remember I told you I pulled something but good in my right wrist because I went out to the garage when I was pissed off and did a heavy set without warming up?  Gotta learn the hard way.  :(

We're going to have to go up to the gym so you can show me this wrist roller thing you've been talking about.

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The wrist roller started with a 1" diameter bar, unknurled, so

as soon as the bar got wet with sweat it was difficult to grasp

and the thumb was not involved very much. Then some

rubbery material was added to the bar, so I would guess it is

now 1-1/8" thick, but dry, and easier to grasp.

Soon the bar will be replaced with one in the 2" range, I'm

told.  At that point, we'll have a real wrist rolling setup.

For my money, the wrist roller is the all-time best exercise for the forearm extensor muscles. Putting the hands on top on the bar, with the rope coming up over the far side of the bar toward you, and simply raising the weight stack off the floor a few inches, and then twisting the bar back and forth is a wonderful exercise for the extensors.

Sometimes I stand with my hand to the side - as in the top position of a lateral raise, and do the exercise one handed,

slowly, and full range. Wonderful! If the hand is below the shoulder (don't reach up), it's even better.

I roll the weight stack all the way up only with light weights for a warmup. Unless the weight stack is raised slowly all the way, I find my shoulders  and elbows (if bent) are too involved. Almost straight arms isolate the extensors better.

Don't try this machine, Rev unless you want to join the gym-

you'll get hooked!

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Guest Jeff Roark


I use my ironmind 2" roller and I like it. I am finding that I am stronger extending rather than flexing if I have used those terms correctly. I seen a post by Nick McKinless over at the GG and he said that 3-4" wrist rollers were even better. This is one I can't confirm, but Nick knows his stuff so I'd bet he is on the mark. You say machine, explain? I put mine on a bar in a power rack like Herk does, but only am working in the 80lbs range were he is up to over 300!!! Amazing.

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By machine, I mean that the roller is housed at each end in

bearings, and is supported by fixed uprights.

Still no video, Jeff. I think you have been video-jacked!

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Guest Jeff Roark

I told him to sent a message asking him to please get it out to you. He must be going to hold it for ransome hehehe. hopefully he'll get it out to you soon. I am going to make another in several weeks hopefully and if he don't get it to you I'll send this one to you first.

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