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Better Late Then Never


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Just started lifting again after 20 years, and have never done any grip training. I will start today. I am going to start very slow as I do office work and am out of shape. I have a HG-150 and 200 that I just tried and they are pretty easy so I will work with them for a while then buy a #2 and see what happens.

This site is very informative. Thanks for all the great tips.

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First workout today. i am only going to list grip related work here...

HG-100 2x10 HG-150 1x10 HG-200 2x5

Light lever stuff

Pinching small plates

Rubber band finger extension

I will become more organized as I go along. My only goal now is to acclimatize my hands and forearms to the work.

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Yesterday Workout

After Press workout, and curls, & DB Overhead Tri Press, I did:

Hammer Curls 1x10x35 2x8x40

DB Wrist and Reverse wrist 3x8x40

Going light on above because I am not ready

Fooled around with 2 25 pound plates for pinch

4 gripper sets with the HG-150. Laid off the HG-200 because hands were still sore from two days ago

Bought used set of IM Trainer, 1, 2, 3

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Did rubber bands for back of hands

Grippers - did not keep track of sets, reps. Did sets of regular, holding them upside down, 3 finger, 2 finger, etc

Lever with a very heavy steel pry bar in every direction - back, forward and side to side (could not locate my sledge at the moment)

Hands are feeling better...still a little sore between index and middle knuckle...What's that about?

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How do you find the ironmind grippers?

I just received them in the mail today. They seem in great shape, the #3 is virtually new. I will not be using the 2 or 3 till I feel My hands are in shape to do it. I have only had 4 workouts, and my hands have been sore since the start. When the hands get used to the workload, I will cautiously advance.

Just handling it a little bit, i suspect if it was life or death I might get the #2. That # 3 is quite sturdy! The #4 must be a serious item.

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Just grippers yesterday

started to do a little more volume, did a load of reps with trainer, #1, HG 150 & 200

I start lifting a complete workout on Monday. Going to do a mix of quick (cleans, powersnatch, etc.) and basic power exercises starting at a very low weight. I will add 10lbs per workout to each exercise till i feel I need to back off. This should give me time to adjust to the workload. Grip and forearms will be done 3 times a week and in a couple months I'll see how its going and adjust It will take at least that long til I try anything serious.

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