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Question For Bodybuilders And Mmartists


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Good day,

My question goes out to those of you who are either bodybuilders or MMArtists.

It's oft been observed that the most massive bodybuilders seldom have grip strength to match. I've observed that the converse is true too. For all their incredible feats many gripmeisters don't have incredible forearms. In fact for their strength I've noticed some hand strength masters to have downright thin (though lean and defined) forearms.

1. Obvious guess would be due to the different set rep schemes utilised by either specialist. However for those of you who utilise similar set rep schemes for all your different forearm/ wrist/ grip exercises, I'm wondering if you feel any particular exercises more biased towards developing forearm mass? I believe I read Clay Edgin write that grippers put size on for him while others swear they do nothing compared to wrist flexion/ extension type exercises.

2. Is is possible to do specialised grip training and bodybuilding type training and still make progress? I've read through some of the workouts on this forum and it seems near impossible to do that and still do bodybuilding without burning out. I'm not even talking about the volume- and sissy isolation-infused regimens of steroid users, but a basic program centred around Olympic weightlifting type movements. There just doesn't seem to be enough time to a day and days to a week.

3.I'd really appreciate it if any bodybuilders or MMArtists can give me even a rough sketch of how they fit everything in.



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1. http://www.gripboard.com/index.php?showtop...05&hl=most+meat I think if you ask 5 people you'll get 5 different answers. Its like asking what weight program works the best, different strokes for different folks. Gotta find what works for you.

2. Its easy to fit everything in. I do my grip/bending stuff at a different time than my other gym stuff. I'll do it just sitting around or watching TV so whenever you have spare time that could easily equal grip time. Plus some people only train grip 2x a week so finding 20-30 min a week in addition to the gym and other stuff isn't much at all.

3. My order is usually lifting > wrestling > grip. It might be different for other people but grip will tire my hands to the point were I won't have a good practice which I think it far more important than lifting and grip combined. Plus by the time I train grip its later in the evening which = way better grip workouts. I tried morning and I can't do it then, hands don't wake up

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