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Rick vs. the #4

Rick Walker

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i figured I would start to log my progress as I make a legit run for the #4.

What?! whoa! back it up a sec!  Did I just say #4?

Yep.  I said #4.  It really hit me yesterday during my viewing of Get A Grip.  What Kinney said made perfect sense.  If you are shooting for a #3 and you are close, change your goal to close the #4.  That will carry you through #3 much easier and set you up to attack the #4.

When I started in January, I couldnt fathom a #4 close.  I know now that I WILL CLOSE A #4.  It is only a matter of time.

Todays workout:

stretch hands and applied large amounts of Bengay to knuckles, wrists.

ATLAS: 90 lbs/ 40 negatives with each hand.

Wednesday: negs with my #3.  

Rick Walker :hehe

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good luck man, it's obvious you've got the desire and intensity.  give it ####

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Grippers today.

Warmed up-stretching each finger and thumbs extremely well.

COC #1- 2 sets of 10 speed reps with each hand.

COC #2- closed 1 time each hand

PDA 387- closed one time each hand

COC #3- 40 negatives each hand.  This was so hard, I was actually close to puking.  I know that sounds funny on grip work but it was that hard.

Did this at 9am.  Right now, at 730pm, my knuckles are aching and I am applying a seady amount of Icy Hot and Bengay to them.  

My wife says, "Is this worth it??"

I didnt have to answer her, I let my eyes talk for me


By the way, I am dangerously close to touching the #3.  Still shooting for August, but it may be sooner,

Rick Walker :hehe

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How long are resting between sets for your negatives? When you do a negative are your #3 handles touching the whole time?

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I rest long enough to give it 100% again.  This may be a minute in the begining and 5 minutes towards the end.

No, I use my leg to cheat it shut and then hold it until the gripper opens my hand completely up.  I fight it every last bit-

Rick Walker :hehe

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Low volume week.

Trained grippers today:

#1- 2X10 each hand

#2- 1X5 each hand

PDA 387- Closed and held 3X with each hand-25secs, 23secs, 16secs.

#3- 3 negatives each hand.

Also did some finger and thumb work.  Pinched 2-35s and carried them around garage.

Rick Walker :hehe

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