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Rough Draft


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Ok, I'm running on little sleep today so this is only a rough draft and after some fine tuning I'll open up my first training log and keep you guys up to date and hold myself accountable with the numbers from each workout. However you guys take a look and tell me what you think. I'll list my plan, and then the why of it.


Front Squats (light)

Dead Lifts

Lean backs for time (see my gallery for the tool)


Kettlebell C&J

Kettlebell Snatch






Overhead squats (very light, dowl rod right now, just getting form down)

Front Squats (light still, but heavier than monday, still learning form)

Log Press

Chinups on my revolving 2 inch bar




A buffet of the following, no sets and rep schemes in mind, just whatever i want for how much I feel like.

Farmers Walk

Keg lifting

Tire Flipping

Sandbag work

Rock lifting, pressing, carrying

Sled pulling

Grip work I've not decided on days,

But only focusing on

Sledge work

Rolling Thunder

Wrist Curls

Plate Pinch

Blob work

Plate curls

Any Ideas on when to do what.

I'm working to learn and incorporate Olympic lifting into my life. I need to gain and restore flexibility and power that is sorely lacking. I also want to get stronger overhead, and overall develop overall core and functional body strength.

As for grip, my wrists and thumbs are my weak points. So I'm attacking them as well.

This is inconjunction with me walking the stairs at the office at work 2 to 3 times a week for 15 to 20 minutes at lunch. Walking at nights a couple times a week or riding bikes with my wife. Playing Tennis and Volleyball a couple times a week.



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I would add 1) weighted situps at least once a week. 2) neck work (all kinds - front and rear bridging, headstrap/harness lifting, long bar bending).

Overhead squats are great, but they take a real investment of effort both to learn the technique and to do them.

Mix in weighted chinups on a standard bar ...

Wrists are my #1 priority: I do bending (all styles), alternating with reverse and normal wrist curls, both barbell and dumbbell. For your wrist curls, try to mix in all rep ranges, and really tax your wrists, they can take it. I prefer bending to sledge hammer work since it is a more focused way to hit the wrists.

I have a very haphazard weekly workout schedule (lots of bending, occasional heavy workouts with grippers (several days in a row, with several days off), many other exercises such as weighted pullups, heavy squats, deadlift, etc.). I am making more gains than ever in my lifetime with a general set of ideas that apply what I've learned from grippers to overall strength training.

You have access to some cool implements for your Saturday workouts - sounds fun!

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Unless I read too fast I didn't see power cleans. I love them for power and strength. I even do couple with my 2.5 thickbar after my DE DL work. any reason why your not doing any regular back squats? I have been loving mine with bands a la westside style. Other thatn that looks good.

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Dub - it might help if you include some shoulder dislocates with just a stick to work the shoulder flexibility for the snatch on down the road. And I'd highly reccomend some form of stretching be included as well with all that strength and endurance work; over the years, lack of flexibility will take it's toll on you. Ashtanga Yoga made a real difference in my ability to hit the positions needed for the snatch especially. Good Luck and keep us posted!

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Great idea's guys.

1. GRH122- I started bending early, and my wrists are my weakspots. I'm going to work them and the thumbpads without bending for a few months and see if that gives me a better base. Then more bending to follow. I got a mess of G8's at a flea market for 2 bucks and look forward to mashing them down.

2. Matt, I have squated my entire life it seems and have neglected often my deadlift. So I'm going to focus on it for awhile with it being sports specific to the Olympic moves I wantn to learn. As to power cleans, they are in the next micro cycle. This is the base level.

3. Chris, I didn't write the stretching in, but I certainly want to add it. I've been doing the shoulder dislocations like you mentioned and I think it's helping a little already. As for yoga....when do I fit that in, lol. I'm lucky to get the time to lift. I know what you mean though. I'll probably do a little PNF (proprioceptive neuro-muscular fascilitation) I learned at the PT clinic when I worked there. Works great and can be done quickly. I just have to teach my wife to do it.

Who by the way about took me to tears the other day when she told me she wants to start training grip with me....asked why and she said simply...."to have strong hands silly!"

I love that woman!


1st Installment coming

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