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Negatives...yet Another Post


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ok, so here is one more post on negatives for the gripboard books...trust me, i didn't want to post this, but i could not find an answer to my question

so here is me doing a negative...grab the gripper, set it a bit, squeeze as hard as i can squeeze, then force close the gripper (handles touching) with my other hand and the assistance of a bench.

what follows is that my hand immediately opens up to anywhere between 1/8 and 1/2 inch, depending on which gripper i use. i continue to squeeze as hard as i think i can until my hand opens fully.

i cannot, repeat, cannot hold the close shut on my own. is this wrong? should i be able to keep it closed?

i have experimented doing this other technique with lighter grippers (ones used for OCs), and am wondering if i should be doing it with the harder ones, that is (here goes an explanation), closing the gripper (handles touching), and when it opens, wrapping my other hand around it to force close it; i do not take that hand away..i keep it clenched around my working hand so as to not allow the gripper to open. i do this until i cannot take the pain anymore.

should i be doing that with my neg grippers, that is keeping it closed (with my other hand) when there is absolutely no strength to do so unassisted? or is what my original belief in negatives the correct one?

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If you're using a gripper way beyond your goal, you're usually stuck with letting it come open a bit and fighting from there. These are good for working the sweep.

I also like another method that works the close better. Take a gripper at the same level as your goal (or a hair above) and file it down for BTR work. Force it closed and use the minimal assistance required to keep it shut for about a 3-count. Then slowly release the pressure from the assisting hand until the gripper opens to where you no longer need assistance. Continuing to fight it all the way out, of course.

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"what follows is that my hand immediately opens up to anywhere between 1/8 and 1/2 inch"

Actually, you are using too light of a gripper IMO if it only opens this much.

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rying: good stuff buddy. i am going to give that a go.

wanna: i ordered the super elite just the other day and am waiting for its arrival..hopefully that will solve that problem

my basics are straight though? with all of the reading that i have done on the subject lately, i have noticed that i am second guessing a lot of my training techniques...just wanted to make sure i was staying on the right track to progress. thanx guys for the comments.

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