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Grip Workout--Am I missing anything

Guest liquidtheorems

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Guest liquidtheorems

Here is the workout I do for grip.  Just want to know if I'm hitting everything I need.

Strap Hold with #1 for time

Axe Leverage Counter Clockwise Rotation 10 reps

Ironmind Outer Loops 10 reps

Ironmind Hub Claw Grip 10 reps

Axe Leverage To Front 10 reps

Ironmind Hub Bear Grip 10 reps

Axe Leverage To Back

Plate Pinch 10 reps

and three days afterwards I do a CoC workout

last CoC looked like this

R: #3 x 7/8,  #2 x 7 reps, 4, 3, 3, 1; #1 x 34, 25, 16

L: #2 x 2; #1 x 19, 12, 11, 8, 3, 1

Am I leaving out a major piece of grip work?


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Hello Bob. As far as the list of exercises, if you wanted to hit everything you could use some thick handle dumbell or Rolling Thunder lifts in there somewhere. Thick handles are definitely a "major piece of grip work". I neglected them way too long, and I am just now reaping the benefits of thick handle training.

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Guest liquidtheorems

I understand that completely just a quick note on my regular workout days Monday and Friday I use the Wrist Roller from ironmind both flexion and extension.  Are these two exercises hitting the same place as thick handle work?


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I haven't used the IM wrist roller, but I have used a homemade wrist roller (2" PVC). It did not feel the same as thick handle lifts to me. I am not saying a thick wrist roller won't help you, just that it didn't help me lifting thick handles.

Now my plate loaded IDB from PDA on the other hand, that is probably my favorite piece of equipment right now. My lifts on it are steadily getting better. Also, Richard Sorin just posted an excellent movement - thumbless reverse curls on a thick (2" or greater) barbell. That is also a good one, I have had success with it in the past.

As far as what exercises you are doing for grip, it really should be dictated by your goals. Most of us here can't do every grip exercise week in and out and make much progress. Some of us have specific goals right now that we are working towards, which limits what movements are performed. Decide what your goals are and use movements that will facilitate meeting those goals. For an example, look in this forum at Scott Clayton's workout logs, he is working on improving his (already very impressive) pinch grip. Most movements he does for grip involve pinching, and the ones that don't take second priority for now.

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