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Well, it's certainly no record but it's a new PR for me. I've finally done a Zercher from the floor; I wasn't flexible enough to get down and get my arms under the bar to even start one. Last night I tried it again and squatted right down and arms slid right under the bar. Only 135# so getting up was no biggie. Sometimes PRs aren't just strength.

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Congratulations, Climber! I have worked on these in the past as a flexibility exercise I got from Pavel's first book - Beyond Stretching. It's a great feeling to be able to generate a forceful contraction from such a deep position. Especially good for rock climbing high step reaches, as I'm sure you know.

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I've done 300lbs for a single from the floor with these, although i wasnt as fat then as i am now and i could get to the bar easier...it was a couple years ago. Keep at it, they're good for a lot of things.


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You're actually working harder than you have to. A Zercher deadlift has you deadlift the bar to your knees, rest it there, and hook the bar with your arms from that position, and then stand up. Makes the lift much more manageable. Good job on your PR on a very tough lift!

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