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Just Started Tearing Things!


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I just started tearing things in two yesterday... Clay's phonebook post inspired me! I tore 3x 1/2 catalogs from work. Thats about 3/4" thick and it's really heavy duty paper. I'd like to try a whole catalog fresh once my forearm muscles recover... they are way sore! I don't think I've ever had a better forearm workout in my life. Probably since when I was done with those 3 tears I kept trying the whole catalog then I messed with a full size phone book just for the extra training (I knew I wouldn't rip it, obviously).

This is fun stuff!

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I quartered 650 pages worth of phone book today! I'm still not nearly 100% recovered from my efforts on Monday... so after several more days of rest I intend to make an attempt at the full sized 1300 page book!

(you have to copy and paste the link to the address bar to work)

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wow man, good job so far.

i got into tearing shortly after i started grip work, and i know what you mean. it is completely addicting (the job isn't over until you have conquered the full tear), and it provides a really nice forearm blast.

keep it up. look forward to reading about the full phonebook tear soon.

remember, it is only paper. just 1350 pages worth. :flame

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I've been keeping at it guys! Last Thursday I ripped a 1000 page phone book and FOUR of the FULL catalogs (where I was doing 1/2s before). Friday I did another catalog, and Saturday I did another, plus I did one yesterday for my manager at work since he was always elsewhere when I was doing it before :)

Amazingly I've done all of this and feel LESS soreness in my hands and forearms than when I did my first 1/2 catalog. So I think I'm on my way to having some good hand power!

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I find sticking tearing into my routine almost impossible. Besides powerlifting, I bend, pinch, crush, lever, and train support. Tearing just takes too long to recover from.

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Yah, it really does take alot of recovery! I only did so much last week since it was my week off the gym. Normally I'll do 1-2 things a week and thats about it.

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