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She Is 8 1/2 Year And Just Closed A Coc Sport...


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My daughter Amalia got a IM Sport a couple of weeks ago. And today she just smashed it - without setting.

She slim build - 32 kg/72 lbs - and looks like a ballet dancer. But she is far from - she is instead into combat jiu jitzu, is very competitive and aggressive (hasn never lost a fight) and has allways been very strong. When she was not even 7 years old she could do 30 push ups in strict form.

Anyway, closing a COC Sport ???!!! I'm her father and, of course, very partial, surprised and proud. I think its pretty promising - and ominous. Agree?

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If there were a trophy I’d send it to her because that was a big win over that gripper .

You are an exceptional young lady; just remember to use your strength and martial arts training for good and not evil. Little one keep training with your dad but please have fun doing it and you maybe the first female to close a #3 or #4.

DanH it sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your daughter, keep it up so that Amalia knows what qualities a real man possess. God knows we need more positive male role models for our sons and daughters to look to for guidance, inspiration and real strength of mind, body and soul with compassion.


Now I am inspired to get my little girl a Sport model, she just may suprise me also.

Besides a Father and his Daughter need something special they can share and bond through. My Savannah loves to shoot old cans of tomato sauce and vegetables at the range with her mom's Ruger 22 pistol. So that’s one way we get to spend quality time together.

Thanks DanH for the great post it will really grab the hearts of the fathers on the board.Who knows your little Amalia may start a youth gripping trend. :D


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Dear GatorGrip,

Thanks a lot for your very kind and generous reply. It made Amalia very happy and proud.

Now she really has something to live up to, to strive for...

Nice to hear that you too love to spent "quality time" with your daughter, Savannah.

And yes, plinking is great fun. I shoot too, 9mm Beretta (IPSC) and plan soon to introduce Amalia to shooting - to start with only with and air or soft gun, though. She allready likes fishing.

Again, I´m grateful you took/found time to comment.

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How much cooler can you get?!?! Awesome job. Keep up the good work in school, martial arts, and life. :rock

Maybe I should hire your daughter as my trainer......

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Haha, many from my school class, (i'm 16), can't close it !

Nice job !!  :bow

Im 18 and im the only one in my class who can close the #1. Most can't even get it parallel. And im talking about the guys!

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