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Steel workout

Guest woody36

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Guest woody36

First workout of year.17-01-02

Due to something happening to me before christmas,

i haven't had the desire to workout or bend anything.

The result of this is my strength has suffered and also

the great gains i had made with my bending.

Tried my first bend of several weeks and could only

manage two pieces of HRS  7x1/4"in diameter taped together,

also rolled up 2 frying pans,the first was easy the second

more difficult.I'm going to keep practicing until i get

proficient,i could kick myself for the gains i've lost but will

work to regain them.

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Woody, it's good to see you posting workout reports again. You know that it is so much easier to do something again once you have done it before, and your strength will be back up to speed (and beyond) in no time.

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where do you buy these frying pans? how thick are they- are they like standard frying pans or are they cheapo's? how much do they cost? maybe i'll have to pick one up... if i can't roll it up, i could at least make some eggs...

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Guest woody36

AP, They were just a couple of cheap frying pans,

i can't really say much more other than they were

about 9"in diameter.I was wondering myself what

kind Kaz and Co used,it has to be thicker than what

i did.

Baldy, thankyou for the kind words,it's good

to be bending again.

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The calm vacation enjoyed by those pieces of

metal sitting around your house is over, and each piece

is vying to be on the bottom of the pile, unbent. A wish

you will not grant.

Welcome back!

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I think that frying pans don't ever expect to be bent!  At least carpenters every once in a while bend a nail over so there is always a fear among nails that they will be bent, it's one of the dangers of being a nail :)   I am very curious about these pans.  Are they the Teflon coated kind, and how thick is the wall of the pan?

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Guest woody36


      Of the two pans i bent,the first i would say was

slightly thicker but also the easier of the two to bend.

This was teflon coated,but the sides were shallower

and made for a tighter roll.

The second had a crappy chrome lip to it,which splintered

and folded in,which meant it bent in on itself more than

rolled.My strength is way down,but i think rolling frying

pans is more down to technique and practice,than brute


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Guest woody36

Tested the waters a bit more today, used my last length

 of 1m x 16mm diameter HRS and bent it to within an inch

 of a full "U".

 Quite pleased,but still a couple of months off previous

level,i think with steelbending there's a fine line between

improvement and overtraining,it's just finding the right

balance and avoiding injuries.

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Guest woody36

Fulfilled one of my goals for this year,a little earlier than

expected but all the same welcome.

Cut my only piece of HRS into two,then taped them

together,giving me 9-1/4"x 1/4" diameter.

I then bent them into an "S" shape,it took about 15 mins

mainly because of repositioning anf fighting for every

fraction of the bend.

Because of the way i've been feeling,i really needed this

as a phsychological boost, i always bend seated on the

edge of a chair,and did at one point have to brace my

elbow on my knee to continue part of the bend,but i don't

feel too bad as this is a difficult bend,at least for me!

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Guest woody36

02-02-02 Saturday

Good day today!

I read Mr B's workout log yesterday about his experience

with a wrench,the wrench in question had a memory and

fought to return to it's original shape.

But this inspired me to try a spanner that i had previously

kinked but not succeeded in bending,the reason being the

same as Mr B's that the steel,shall we say prefers to retain

it's original form.

Glad to say i managed to conquer this steel today,even now

bent into a V shape,it retains it's springiness.

Todays bends - Spanner 7-3/4" x 10mm x 4mm

                      Flat Bar  5-1/2" x 14mm x 5mm

Strength and enthusiasm coming back!

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Woody, way to go on the bent spanner wrench. Taking that kind of time off and picking up something from the "missed bend" pile says something. Keep up the good work.

Also the flat steel is a cool idea, the only flat steel I ever tried was 3/16" thick and I believe it was 1.5 - 2" in width. However, it was 4 feet long, so I just scrolled it around my forearm to see if I could do it. You bending that short piece gives me some ideas for when I get back into bending. I might have to visit my bent steel pile and cut a piece off that roll I have in there...

Also good work on the frying pans, keep it up and maybe we will see you in the Guiness book soon. I was disappointed to look in there and not see any familiar names from on here for the 2001 book, maybe next year.

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Guest woody36

Went on a mission to find things to bend,and amongst

the things i got was a Draper 6mm diameter screwdriver.

I bent a screwdriver  on the same day i bent the wrench,

it was tough but i put that down to the wrench taking the

wind out of my sails.

I just tried to bend the Draper and couldn't even flex it!

the difference in the steel is quite something,i'll give it

another go in a few days.

I also got a 1/2"wide wood chisel which ironically i bought

thinking i couldn't bend,i started to bend it and the steel

felt soft,less than probably half way into the bend the neck

just gave way and the chisel broke in half.

After the effort,my forearms are experiencing a lot of pain,

i don't think i'm recovered from my previous workout,i may

be pushing myself too quickly,but i can't help myself!

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Guest woody36


Saturday my beloved bought me some cheap wood chisels

and some crappy files to bend.

The files all broke with very little force applied,i then bent

a wood chisel which was only about  a 1/4"across,but the

same again deep,i bent it as far as i could with my hands

but didn't go in for the kill as i feared the cloths would slip

and i would have an hand full of chisel.

The chisel although cheap,really took a lot out of my tendons,

and i experienced considerable pain afterwards.


After watching the footage of Dennis Rogers demolish a

 frying pan,over and over again. I decided i would have to

give it a try, with one hand rolling,the other bracing.

It took about two minutes or so but i did it!

The trouble with this stunt is,you either have to be super

strong like Dennis,or be able to practice a lot to get the

technique needed to become proficient at it.

Sods law says you can't buy frying pans like you can nails,

it's impracticle and costly,but i would like to be able to

bend one in under 30 seconds.

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Guest woody36


To round off my week i bent a 6" adjustable spanner,and

broke in half a combination spanner.

The adjustable was drop forged,and i did think it was going

in my paper weight pile,how wrong can you be! it bent

easier than the flat bar i'd bent awhile ago,and is now in

a nice "U" shape.I don't think i would be doing this with an

expensive brand of wrench,but it looks good on paper.

The combi-spanner got past the half way point,and as i

went for the crush it gave way with a resounding snap.

I'm starting to feel some of the passion coming back now,

and the excitement you get holding the steel,and even more

when it's bent!

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 You said "Sods law says you can't buy frying pans like you can nails,it's impracticle and costly,but i would like to be able to bend one in under 30 seconds."  You’ve got that right, I haven’t even tried one because of the cost.  I still haven’t seen someone do it other than the blurry Dennis Rodgers video so that stops me from trying as well, not quite getting in my head how it is done.   I wish you had mentioned about the files before you broke them, I noted awhile back that I broke an old file and it wasn’t challenging at all- in fact it wasn’t even worthy of mentioning in the log other than to say don’t bother- it’s too expensive and too easy.  I’ve written so many logs I guess this little footnote was lost, I can’t even remember were I wrote it.  I think I could break the biggest files in my hardware store, maybe only they would be a challenge, but they are very expensive.

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Guest woody36

Tom, Keep trying the film,it does show the bends all the

way through,when i tried to watch it the other day,it

played like a flicka book,all the other times it as played as

though watching it on TV.

Dennis makes it look effortless,with what i suspect is a

much harder pan than i bend,i got some very poor pics of

the finished pans,if i can get someone to scan them for me

i'll send you one in your email.

ps:Tom, my other half got me the files,she just thought i

might like to bend them,i remembered you saying they

weren't a challenge,but then you have kinked the "RED".

Best Regards.


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Guest woody36

A few days ago i tried to bend a cheap 10"adjustable wrench,

i succeeded in reaching the sticking point,but due to pain

could go no further.

Over the weekend i bought three more,two of the same

type and one of better quality.Although not feeling like it,

i gave one of the cheap ones a ride yesterday,and found

myself having great difficulty to the point where i was

having to brace my knuckles on my chin(don't ask).

Eventually i managed to get it to the same degree of bend

as the other,and tried to finish it off braced against my leg.

Nothing! i couldnt do a thing with it, it was only after my

efforts i realised i had started the bend way off center at

around the 4-4-1/2"mark.

I was experiencing real trouble trying to close it up,so i then

decided to see if i could have got the other wrench to a full

"U" shape,that i tried to bend earlier. This gave way under

my bodyweight,and when nearing the U shape the wrench

just snapped in half. So much for CHEAP STEEL!

ps:One thing that did hit home while looking at the more

expensive wrench was, just how strong Brookfield must be!

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