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Hello, today i have my grippers two and a half weeks and when i got them i was so psyched i went straight on closing my #2. Did that one time with my right hand. Then i started training for more reps on the 1. Everytime i tried to close the 2 again it wouldn't go. I just couldn't get that final crush. For over 2 weeks.... I got frustrated.

After scrolling trough the info on this board, i started to overcrush, straphold, and do plier holds..

Tonight i went to a friend and asked him to close the 1. I consider him to have decent strength, but yet he was not able to close it. Then i showed him how to crush a gripper :laugh I also brought the #2 and 3. Never been able to close that gripper for 'more' than two weeks, i squeezed that thing shut! Three times!! Than i went on to close my 1 with three fingers...

Now i will try closing it consistently, and on to the nr. 3.

I will try to keep a log of my workouts too, because i am planning to do a strongman contest 4 months later...

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