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My First Gripping Routine


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Hi, I'm Keenan.

I'm a 15 year old Candian boy, and I'm just getting into gripping.

For Christmas I'm asking for all 4 CoCs. (I know I'l probably never be able to close the number 4, and mabey not even the 3, but hey, good motivation seeing them there.)

I'm mainly into powerlifting, so I need a fairly good grip once I get my deadlift/bench lbs up there.

As for goals, I'm hoping to be able to close #3 eventually (don't no when to shoot for, as I've never tried it before.

So, I'll be updating on all of my workouts as far as gripwork goes.

Check back.

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We dont take too kindly to Kanadians in these parts.... :dry

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Welcome Keenan. Looking forward to reading your log. And there is much to learn here. Use the search function and read the FAQs.

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Here's some great advice Keenan: "The secret to getting ahead is getting started." Mark Twain penned this quote.

You sound very sincere about starting grip training, so I think this quote applies to your first post. I see you're already powerlifting, but start doing something for your grip, even if it's just isometrically squeezing your own wrists and forearms with your other hand. That might sound weird but it will build at least a modicum of strength.

You might even get a cheap sporting goods store gripper to work with until your COCs arrive at your house. Recommending a cheap cheesy gripper is almost considered treason here on the Board, but you can close it with 3 fingers. Then 2. Then try it with 1. Inverted closes are good. As are table no set reps. (That search function will be your friend)

There are many things you can do without specialized grip equipment. You could have a friend sit on a rug and pull them by their ankles or wrists around the house. If that's easy, add weight to the rug. Have two friends sit on it. Use only one hand. Grab higher on their forearm instead of their wrist...the possibilities are endless. Decent grip workout there.

I even get a bit of a grip workout when visiting relatives. I have multiple nieces and nephews that always ask me to pick them up. So I make it more interesting by picking them up in a more grip dependent way-always making sure to keep it safe-I often use one hand and pick them up by their ankle and then slowly press them towards the ceiling where they can touch their foot to it. Fun for everyone! :D Swinging the kids by their wrists and/or ankles is fun too. Again, I'm not recommending you put a kid in danger, but if your strength level is up to it, it can be tremendous fun for you as well as the kids. And as the kids get bigger, the progressive resistance piece of the puzzle is fulfilled. :mosher It doesn't get any better than that. Of course it is starting to get hard with my oldest niece...she's a large girl, like her mom (my dear sister) and it's making me a much stronger uncle because of it. Besides, my sister has joked that if my strength was up to it that I would play the above games with HER (BW-300+). And she's right! And that's just weird. So I'll end it there. :D Good luck man. I hope something here has spurred you on. It was meant to help, not to be criticizing.

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Looking Good Keenan Keep up the Good Work :mosher:mosher

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