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LGC Rolling Handle

17.5 kg x 8
25 kg x 6
32.5 kg x 4
37.5 kg x 2
42.5 kg x 1
50 kg x 1
63.2 kg (Left) 60-70% / (Right) 0%
60.4 kg (Left) one solid strict rep / (Right) one rep with slight supination.
63.2 kg (Left) 0% / 60.4 kg (Right) 0%.
61.9 kg (Left) 0%

Vulcan Light Set Practice

6-6 (Orange Spring) one rep with right almost one rep with left (PR with right).

Progress on the impossible LGC handle is good considering I haven't really trained with it anything this year. This thing is harder than Inch dumbbells in my opinion. At least if you're going by the LGC rules with no supination allowed.


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