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Had a former student stop by my office today and ask me about bending. He's in medical school now and he has been lifting for several years, has ran two Chicago marathons, and is now interested in doing a Highland games. So I'm showing him some stuff I've bent and he picks up a red nail and says bend this. I'd already done my grippers and my hands were pretty sore, but I fought it down. Then I showed him how to bend and he did a 6" G2, a 5.5" G2, and a galvanized 60d! He's going to order some bending pads from IM and I'm going to give him some of the leather I got off of Ebay so he can really get into it.

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Nice, very nice. I have found a few natural benders too. My buddy at work tried bending and would never listen to the technque I was telling him. He tried it for 2 months, quite for 2 months. He never got past a IM blue. Then, just the other day, after only one prior bending sessions, he folded a 5.5" grade 5. He is now very motivated since he figured out the technique.

Inspiring to see motivated talent.

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I hate people like that! You bust your ass working up to something and then they come out of nowhere and make it look easy.

Oh well...

A 60d on his first try is a nice bend!

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He's lucky that he had you to stoke his interest now.

I met this guy some time ago and thought he had some pretty good natural grip skills, but he just doesn't push himself enough. Has serious potential but just needs to work harder, a shame. I think his name was....Clay E...somthing

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