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Grip Routine


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So far I have just been playing with varios grip tools: to get a point of reference to measure future gains against. Thanks to Herk I have access to COCs, 2" and 3" pinch blocks, Rolling Thunder, 2" and 2.5" dumbells, 2" and 2.75" bench bars, wrist roller and a few other things I don't know the name of.

I would like to put a strong workout together and was hoping some of you guys could point me in the right direction. I was planning on doing 1 day a week but have no problem going to 2 if needed. Thanks in advance for any input.

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For quite a while I did a three day routine that worked quite well. Day 1 - crushing, Day 2- pinching and Day 3 - wrist work/bending. Days off changed depending on how my hands felt. A lot depends on your goals and such. If its to get certified, you'll obviously have to focus more on your crushing, etc.

Since the grippers are tearing my hands up now I've switched to a two day a week routine. Day 1 - thickbar/pinching and Day 2 - wrist/bending. Pinching/thickbar works my hands the best by far. The grippers dont give me (I feel) as much practical strength as pinching/thickbar/wrist work does. For crushing work, I think the plate loaded machines are better as the weight is the same from the sweep to the close.

Hope that helped.


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