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One Hand Lift- Just Totally Insane Poundages

Mikael Siversson

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Still going on.

David Horne 300k righty 300k lefty (660lbs)

Benny Wennberg 280k righty 300k lefty

Benny is now attempting 320k righty (704 Four score and seven years ago I am the MAN because I swear and I want everyone to know how manly I am by using profanity.ing lbs with one hand!!!)

Insane. :bow

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Gold medal to David Horne with 600k (300+300) by virtue of lighter bodyweight.

Silver to Benny Wennberg with 600k (280+320).

Benny attempted a sixth record try with 330k. Pulled it with lefty but dropped it. Tried it with righty and pulled it about 4cm (5cm required).

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Sounds like David is having one hell of a retiring party!


Rick Walker :rock

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Looks like David leads by two points heading for the bending. Johan in a secure third place.

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it really was an awesome sight!

the OHL certainly was the highlight of the day. the battle between Benny-monster-back and David Traps-Horne was a real show. something to think about for a next edition!!

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