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This Can't Be Right!


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I stopped on the way home from work at True Value, told the man I wanted 6"x1/4" grade 5 bolts and he said sure and showed me right to them. I just got home a few minutes ago and had to feel one of them with my new pads. I smoked one so easy and cold to boot! Not sure of myself I did another one just as easy. So I decided to do one of dark 60d nails and it was way, way harder to bend than the grade 5 stuff, what gives? Is this just weak stock or is my 60d nails just monsters?

I am going to try to take a picture of the bends and maybe send them to Bill so you guys can see them and see if I am crazy as hell or not.

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What kind of markings do the bolts have on the heads? If they have three dash marks (-) then it is a grade 5. If it doesn't have any of those dash marks or has some other writing on top, then it is a grade 2.

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You are one crazy bending freak!!!!!

If they are grade 5s, they will have 3 little notches on the head. If they dont have 3 little notches, they aint grade 5s!

You most likely have grade 2s. Go back to the hardware, and choke the clerk out that showed you where they were.

Grade 8s have 5 little notches on the head.

If they are easier then 60s, they are most certainly not grade 5s. Grade 5s fight back. They are springy and they dont want to be bend so they give and give before they bend. Grade 8s are worse.

Grade 2s melt like a hot stick of butter.

Rick Walker :rock

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Well what I have my freinds are shit...they just got some letters on top of them...bunch of morons, me included. I'll know the next time I'll bet you. Yeah, I went through those bastards like they were nothing. Glad I bought a couple pounds of them nice hard 60s while I was there!

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