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14k Run?

Bill Piche

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What I want to see is a 14K run on video.

Note that there never has been one posted anywhere. I wonder why?

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No one from 'the' site has provided video?

Nope. Not that I have seen.

I am doubting it can be done frankly. I want to see it.

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It is kind of weird considering a board full of the strongest grips in the world can't come within 1000rpm of bowlers, tennis players, and golfers. :whistel

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And don't foget badminton. Weird is the the word.

It certainly would be far easier for me to reprogram a powerball to display a number I desired than for me to get to 14K normally. And it wouldn't be much more difficult to reprogram it so that once the RPMs got to 10,000 it just added 4K to every reading.

But to think that everyone on the powerballs.com web-site did that (or photoshopped their image), seems a stretch too.

Maybe there's a variance in the powerballs in that only 1% of them are "easy" and capable of getting to 14K, and we all got duds that max out at 12 or 13K. You might still have to be really good though to get to 14K on an "easy" powerball.

Weird is definitely the word.

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Looks like we may see one soon...from the pb.com site:

Wait until you see the clip of the 14571 run! - the camera work is a little unsteady but you will see the run from start to finish and will, in particular, hear the extreme scream of the Powerball as it hits over 242 rev's each second...extraordinary stuff!)

The actual video sample is over 8mb in size and so we are presently trying to compress it before uploading it - I'll post a link as soon as it is ready for viewing.

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Considering how important wrist strength and hand coordination is for powerballing well I am surprised that there aren't more racket sport people on the top list.

As to the gripboard. I think that we have two problems.

1: We are all essentially newbies that has started very late.

2: We are not willing to zap our hand strength for a year or so training to get into the really big numbers. (powerballing zaps my hand quite a lot at least, my gripping ability is going down so badly that I get depressed just thinking about it, I don't think that I will persevere much longer with the powerball more then occasionally for fun as I want to close heavy grippers again!)

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