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Thickbar Wristcurls


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In what manner would you grasp the thickbar for an ordinary wristcurl:

1.... underhanded with a "thumbless" grip?


2.... underhanded with the thumb in a "normal opposite" position to the other fingers?

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I would pick the thumbless underhand version. Try it with no bar in your hands. When the thumb is wrapped around the bar, at least for me, it limits the range of motion and cramps the wrist a bit. Not a good cramp either. Hopefully the master of wrist curls, David Horne, will reply to this post. I probably can't wrist curl his warmup weight. But I'd sure try. :D

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Always wrist curl with a thumbless grip so that you are not fighting 'against' your thumb which is on top, especially with a thick bar. Thumb injuries/discomfort can/will be caused with wrist curling 'heavy' with a normal grip. Many bodybuilding mags/books will show the thumbless style (which is good), but not the fact of allowing the bar to roll into your fingers on the descent of the bar. This is the quickest way to get a strained wrist, so don't do it. There is no need to do this allong with wrist curls, seperate your crushing movement and do the grippers or whatever at another time.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you very much - that input will help a lot! :)


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