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Crush Help, Pls


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I may need a little help in my war with my BB Elite and a very, very hard IM #3. I plan to certify later this year on an above average hard #3 and shortly after - hopefully - on an MM1. The grip training goes quite well - I have recently skipped all other hand training for two very intense sessions per week with heavy negs and overcrushes. I do about 12 sets and never more than 1-3 reps each. This seems to work best for me (maybe because I´m almost 59 years).

Most of the time I can close two of my three 3# with my right hand - but not consistently enought, I think - and not, not at all, the very hard #3 which is "worse" than the pretty tough Elite.

I fell I have quite a good sweep - I don`t use setting - but I tend to "hit a wall" 4-8 mm from gripper close down.

Apart from overcrushes on filed grippers (which I like); strapholds (which doesn't seem to benefit me much) and crushes on a hard .292 PDA gripper with handles forced to parallel by a home -made hose collar, is there any thing else, any other good exc. (no machine, pls.) I should try in order to improve my some what lacking crushing power in the battlte against the beasty #3 and the Elite?

Thanks for an excellent board with a lot of active, generous and impressive people.


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Do you assist your failed attempts?

When you do a severe attempt on a gripper, you should slighty assist the close with some pressure of the palm of your other hand on the pinky and the ring finger of the gripping hand.

Then release the assisting hand but fight to hold that position of the gripper for a couple of seconds.

Good luck with your training!

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Have you considered filing a gripper so that the handles can be closer together when the gripper is closed?


If you look at the above pick, it shows the end of a gripper that has been filed.

There are many, well most actually :D, on here who have much more experience with grippers than I do, but I would suggest working your close more. You can do this by adding closes with a filed gripper that is held partially closed with your choker (home-made hose collar). This should allow you to focus on the part that is giving you grief right now. By building your strength beyond the normal range with a filed gripper, you should have more closing power for that 4-8 mm that you need.

Hope this helps.

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Warm up comes to mind in the exrteme end.

Use exrecise bik to light to hard level.

And bench press to the blood to the muscles.

And mitts when going to bed.

Vit E,C.multi vits.

I have the dual action bik too the good for over all warm for the

whole body.

Joe Kinny used horse lingment. Mybe look in drug store for

hot and cold stuff.

You be surprised of the improvement if you try it.

And some one tried one of those outside baths and work for

them or a bath.

And always warm up the hands.

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Thanks FrankyBoy, cjcocn and mooinabc1 for the suggestions.


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