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Fellow benders, I am asking for suggestions on the progression of bending. Over the last month I bend 2-3 x week: 3/16" round stock from Home Depot, 7"x2, 6"x2, 5"x2, 1/4": 7"x1, 3/16": 5"x2. I know this is not enough but, what is? Thanks for any help

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Others with more experience can chime in here and correct me if I'm off, but I think the key to getting stronger is progression. If you're just doing the same bends over and over you might not get stronger as quickly.

With bending, it seems like my best results came when I was really pushing myself to progress either with tougher stock or with bending a greater number of nails per workout. For example, if my workout 3 days ago consisted of the bends you mentioned, my goal for the next workout would be to either bend a 1/4" bar that is 6.75", bend more of the 1/4"x7" bars, or start finding other stock to practice with such as square stock and grade 2 bolts. I think that if you can get those little PR's nearly every workout, even if it means you bent a bar that is 1/8" shorter than last time, then they will add up to big PR's down the road.

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