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Any Drummers Here?


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I was thinking that drummers might be good at this. I played in a heavy metal band for years and the speed of many of the songs required a loose, fast wrist. For example, I'd hit the hi-hat twice for each single downstroke. I haven't tried one of these powerballs yet, but it would seem to be a somewhat similar movement. Anyone?


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I was lead guitar in a metal band for a while and our drummer was about as scrawny as you can get, but he could play awesome and he had a good grip. I could never play drums worth a piss, but I would have to agree that it seems the powerball movement would be similar to some fast stick work. I bet if you picked up a pb, you could do some damage.

btw bc,

How do you know when a drummer is at your door? The knocking speeds up.

How do you know when the platform is level? The drool comes out of both sides of the drummer's mouth.

Sorry man, been a while since I got the chance to bust a drummer's chops. I had to take advantage :D

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