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Endurance Powerball


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No just keeping it spinning, changing from hand to hand until you are too tired and the thing stops.

But is that is about strength or endurance? That seems to about getting bored to death and having problems sleeping and such things.

At least mine seem to need extremely small well coordinated effort and I expect that I can keep it running for a very long time?!

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I don't have one yet, but the time I played with one my arm got pretty tired pretty quick. I suppose that was going for max RPM, so maybe if you got a good rythem at a low RPM you could keep it going for a long time.

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I did say endurance say 30 minutes or more.

I tried it for 30 minutes just in one go with one hand while looking at the TV just now.

It started to be a bit tiring, but I stopped because I was bored. But if swapping hands is allowed this can be done a very very long time.

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Maybe above a certain rpm, but it would take to long if any rpm was allowed. With a little practice it could be kept going all day since hand switching is allowed.

I do something similar with storebought hand grippers and they can be squeezed nonstop for a very very long time if I switch hands occasionally.

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I think switching hands or keeping it at low rpm mutes the point. I have kept it going about 70% of my maximun for 12 minutes. The forearm burn just about brought tears to my eyes.

Why not pick a percentage of your max number that should be maintained then the rpms can counted? That's endurance.

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