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This weekend Florian Kellersmann jumped in for a small gripper festival at my home.

Our toys: :D

Some Grippers

The Basics

#3 Left Close by Flo

#3 Right Close by Flo

Flos first Attempt on the PowerBall

Advanced Stuff

Credit Card Attempt

Crappy Credit Card Attempt by me. Oh Boy! :help

Classic Strapholds using the IM strap (narrow one)

My #3 SH with 5kg (11 lbs)

Flos #3 SH with 5 kg

Metal Ruler Strapholds with #1 for max (Gripboard Bash V)

My missed Straphold with 15kg (~34lbs including loading pin)

15kg (34lbs) Straphold on a #1, no prob for Flo

20kg (45lbs) Straphold on a #1, wow that looked easy :bow

#3 for Reps

My 3 reps, seem a bit weird, check out the second one

Some more Reps of Flo


Flos No-Set Attempt on a #3, that was so close

Flo closes a GM no-set style, that was the Tetting certification

The 'Elite'-Stuff

Flos Attempt on a BeefBuilder Elite

Soon, Flo will reach his very next goal: To enter the Gripboard Elite-Closers.

The 'After' Picture:

6 Hours Grip Training do hurt! Flos Hand.

Again, it was extremely motivating to meet Florian and to test myself against germanys probably strongest gripster.

Sorry for the sound, guys. Next time we will play some funky music for you. :laugh

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Well, at the time of his attempt: YES.

Now his record has again been beaten. :laugh

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Cool videos guys! :mosher

Florian good luck on the Elite!! :rock

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Thanks, guys!

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Very nice guys! :rock Great videos! Mike

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