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How About Kta Program + Wrist Roller?


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Hello everyone...

I read on the KTA program that when you're on the KTA you should only do (for your grip training) what is in the KTA program and nothing else, because the KTA is so intense. I was wondering if it would be O.K. to also train on Ironmind's wrist roller too??

Has anyone tried this? What were your results?


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I'm deep into KTA now and I also Farmer's walk once a week, I don't think I'd want to do any more than I'm doing now, if crushing is your true goal stick with just one thing.... :D

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If the book says it, there is a reason. You can always experiment for yourself, but you won't actually be doing KTA if you are doing other stuff. It is a very intense gripper specialization program.

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intesnse is an understatement, but the pain lets you know you're alive :rock

Amen!! :D

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