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I Hate Injuries...


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Bad news..

Got a nice rusty nail wedged in the back of my hand on Sunday, and after a tetanus shot yesterday and Xrays today, looks like its a fracture where the pinky meets the joint....

I guess any good news is it will help me to work on my weaker left hand for a while...

I guess some advice is, and now I think of it, is to wear protective gloves when doing any kind of labor, could save your hands...

Not sure why I didnt think of that earlier ??

Oh well...

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Sorry to hear that. Get well soon!

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i hope the recovery is quick. look on the bright side, your left hand strength will be amazing though when your right is recovered. plus, you'll bounce back to your old strength levels quickly.

did the nail break your hand or are you such a beast you broke your on finger training grip ;)

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Hi guys...

thanks for all the responses... Good news, hand isnt broken, last finger was only a bad bone bruise...

Had a tetanus shot, had in a splint for a week, daily icings.. Almost healed...

I did it by working in a wood pile, with no gloves, very dumb.... Closed the number 2 today so Im almost back to where I was.. Still a bit swollen, but the hole is closed and mobility is back...

Very happy, and I didnt realize how depressed I woud be without training...

take care of the hands !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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