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Maybe A Place To Get Blobs


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I found this place in NE Ohio that is a York dealer. I emailed them a while ago and asked if they had the solid cast iron dumbbells that are no longer made and said I was only interested in 60-100 lb dumbbells. I also sent a picture of the dumbbells so they wouldnt be confused as to what kind of dumbbells I was looking for. They replied that they had them but there was a minimum order so I sort of forgot about it untill I noticed all the blob posts recently. I never talked to the guy after that first email so I have no idea how much or how many they have.

zimmer exercise equipment

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LISTEN TO ME AND LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY: Get your butt up there and buy the entire lot! They are gold. I should know because the demand for blobs right now is insane! Spend your whole paycheck if need be but get those blobs!

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Ill email the guy again and get specifics like price and how many he has. Ill post back when I hear anything.

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