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Cut Blues


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Just wondering how hard IM blues cut down to 5 1/2" and 5" are?

I've got a chart that rates the blue at 260lb and a 5" blue at 345lb with a G5 at 345lb as well. Does this sound right?

I've bent the blue and a 5 1/2" blue and i'm going to attempt a 5" blue tomorrow.

It just seems to me that the G5s are way harder than the blues

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An extrapolation of all the data gathered by David Horne would give a very rough figure around 215-220k for a 5'' blue (based on a 180k 6'' blue). This, I believe, is a bit less than most G5's tested.

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Thanks Mikael,

The grade 5s i've got feel heaps tougher than the blues so I sort of wondered about the accuracy of the data.

I'll have to see how I go with the 5" blue tomorrow.

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I would agree. The data is off. At the AOBS I bent a blue and a 5.5" cut blue. They were a nice, have to focus a little bit, bend. I kinked a grade 5 to ~ 30º at the end of the night. If I was fresh and fought it I believe I could have bent it. The first 45º is always my toughest. It was more difficult. I was told those G5 are Harder than some and easier than others, a nice middle road G5.

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Hey Don... I bent a 5" blue some time ago and it wasn't as hard as the 60d nails I've got. I can bend one those nails now when I'm fresh, but still haven't put much of a kink in the G5s you got us. Everybody's different though :)

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I tried a 5" blue today and only managed to get a small kink in it.

My biggest problem was finding something to hang on to! The thing just kept squirming around in my hand and then I tore two bending rags.

I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and left it for another day when i've got some tougher wraps :(

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