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Hi, fellow grippernadios ... my name is Dan Heltoe and I'm quite new to the GripBoard, though certainly not to life!. I'm an old fart but the walking proof that one can still make gains even at the ripe age of 58 years.

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark and I'm an independent security consultant (personal protection specialist). For many years I was a foreign editor with the Danish Broadcasting System and I have lived eight years in Southeast Asia, four of them during the war in Vietnam.

I'm 6.1" at 215lb. I have done a lot of kick-boxing and other martial stuff. I'm a CQC instructor and still spar and work out. I have always been fairly strong, lifted iron and keept in shape. Best press rutine (10 years ago, though), dips w. 150 lb and sitting barbell press behind the neck 5 x 5 w. 210 lb.

At my 57 years birthday (10 month ago) my seven year old girl gave me 3 IM grippers, #1,#2 and #3. From the start I could with ease close #1 with both hands; after four month I closed #2 with my right. And a couple of month later with the left.

Then I had reached a sticking point but today I can close #2 10-12 times with my right hand and 2-3 times with my left. And the other day I finally closed the softer of my two #3 (only with my wife as witness, alas!). I can't, though, mash the other, hard #3 - still 3 mm short - but hopefully later this year.

Short term goal: Certified #3; long, probable very l-o-n-g, term target: Mash Monster Level 1 Certification, if possible. We shall see...

My body, probably due to my rather "advanced" stage in life, requires min. 3-4 days to recuperate, so I only work out twice a week: light on volume, heavy on singles and negatives. It's standard stuff, I believe: Grippers (#2 is shaved), pinching and hub lifting, plate curls, wrist rolling and sledgehammer work. Pinching is fairly easy for me (because of my long judo expe- rience, perhaps). I have just bought one of Clayton Edgins rolling handles and plan soon to start do 2 1/2" handle lifts.

I don't do other kind of strenght training at the moment. And I do not bend nails as I'm afraid to injure my hands/fingers which are vital in my line of work and for shooting.

Now some questions:'

1. How do one lliving in Europe get Mash Monster certified? It's not and exclusive North American thing, I hope?

2. Is the gripper uswed for Leve 1 "just" a calibrated BB Elite? If so at what closure torque?

3. And, any chance the KTA program shall be made MAC compatible?

Thanks for a great board with a lot of exellent advised and very helpful and friendly people. Bear with this rather long thread, pls.


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Dan, great intro! You seem like an interesting fellow. I believe the Euro Mash Monster certs are conducted through David Horne. The MM1 is an Elite with a 2 3/4" handle spread, and a spring depth of !/4". I just learned that myself the other day from the always helpful Jeff Peterson. Welcome aboard!

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Dan, welcome! Pretty interesting life!I beleive as Eric said the MM European certs. are through David Horne. Good luck with the training! Mike

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1. Contact David Horne. He has the MMG1 station for Europe.

2. Sorta. Torques are not indicative of what it takes to close a particular gripper.

3. No, sorry. There are programs that are used to run windows programs though?


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I live in Copenhagen, Denmark and I'm an independent security consultant (personal protection specialist).

You should go and have a look at the European Grip Championship on August 14. It is being held in Löddeköpinge, which is situated halfway between Malmö and Landskrona in Skåne, so it would only take you a couple of hours at the most to get there by car from Copenhagen.

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:rock No offense intended but hearing about old people train hardcore is awesome. You should look up the name Clarence Bass, he is proof that even seniors can make quite impresive gains. Bill Pearl and Boyer Coe are other names of note.
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Nice to meet you Dan. Sounds like we've got another contender for the MM pyramid soon!

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