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Lever Prs


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what is everyones pr's in the basic lever movement with a sledge? I know alot of guys keep track of where their at with lbsxinches etc. Also what is your pr bend? Might be fun to compare numbers.

Bending: Overhand style

Pr bend: 60d and 5.25 1/4" crs

side to side 12" 10.75 lbsx3 reps *all lifts with 10.75 lb hammer

front off off floor 16"

rear lever off floor 26"

overhead 32"

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I bend underhand and can rear lever an 8 lb. sledge and overhead lever it. I havent messed with the side to side or the front lever enough to know what I can do on those but I probably need to start doing more of those as well. Curious to see what some of the top benders can do.


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i have a wierd thing......i bend double overhand, and i seemed to have taken to levering naturally.... my best lever is with a 12lb x 2, but something odd happened...that hammer is my grandfathers, and its got something on the handle to make it smooth...the 10lb i have is very rough, and it feels harder on my hands for this reason.....any thoughts?

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My best bend is a 6" grade 5 in one sitting, and a 240k challenge bar with a break between the kink and the finish. My best strict levers are and 8lb side to side, a 16lb held 25" from the head to the rear, a 16lb sledge held 22" from the head to overhead, and an 8lb 26" from the head to the front. Cheating I've done a 16lber at 25" side to side.

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