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Leaving Weights Outside


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I'll be moving to a different house in the near future and it looks like the only place for some of my workout equipment will be outside.

One piece that will definitely have to remain outside is a permanently set 95lb barbell. Now I would expect rust if I keep the barbell outside with minimal/no cover, and I have absolutely no problem working out with a rusty weight, but is there any danger in lifting with this barbell?

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I have some weights that I had to leave outside for a few years ago for the same reason. I just made sure they were up off the bare ground and no water could pool on or around them. I then covered them with heavy duty trash bags during the winter and they were fine. There was some light rust but when I moved to my present house I just wire brushed it and spot painted.

Ten years ago the only weights I had to lift with were very old and rusty. The only problem I ever had was when some rust fell off a dumbell into my eye. I wouldn't worry about it though. I used those weights for 3 years and only had the one incident.

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I'm moved in, and I've left the barbell outside for a few showers now, and it's just rusted a bit.

This morning, I wrapped the entire handle in athletic tape and did some high rep clean and jerks to wake me up. No rusty hands, everything is a-ok. No problems

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Tarps are cheap. I use one to cover the lawnmower. This will solve the main prob.

You'll still get minor rust just from it being outside, no bigge.

The tape is a good idea


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I leave a few weights outside that I used to balance my railroad tie farmer walk impliments. No real problems, water even pools on them sometimes. Not a lot of rust. You could season your weights, set them out in salt and let them oxidize like that. They will rust but it will be like a sealed protectant layer of rust, not damaging rust.

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