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No Set Close?

king crusher

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i was looking on the records forum on here and it says "#3 no set closers"

is this just putting it in your hand and starting right?

cuz i have only done this always. is there another way?

i seen a video of someone useing 2 hands...intell the end, seems like cheating themselves?

can someone explain the no set and the set!!!

p.s. wannagripper....can you add me to that #2 close list i can do it 12 times with the right and 5 with the left. thank you.

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The FAQ section has all this info. King, youve been around here for awile I'm suprised you dont know how to set a gripper.. :whacked

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fballplaya i think i know how but not sure of the "rules" by coc.

plus i only use one hand never 2

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i never understood why they would ever allow someone to set the gripper. I'm not gonna try and take away anything from anyone, but in some videos, the set happens so fast that you can't tell if it was closed with one hand or two.

If you where allowed to set, then take your hand away while your grip hand is doing a hold at the set point, then something showing the width of the set and finally the close, then I would let it go.

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