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Crush Under The Chin

Clay Edgin

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I've seen people do this in videos but never understood why. I thought it was a style thing, but apparently y'all are more efficient benders than I thought! I finished off some tough steel tonight that I could not budge otherwise but tucking it under my chin and using my lats and shoulders to crush the steel.

I could not do these unbraced, but I did manage to bend 2 grade 8's to 30-40 degrees braced and then crushed them in this manner, and then I moved on to a 5/16" 7" CRS bar (not an actual IM red though) and completely U'ed it too. Then I killed off my 245k challenge bar that was bent to 28 degrees and started to fight the 257.5k bar. Got it to 10 degrees, came back later and got it to 20, then decided to quit for the night.

God is good!

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Great workout! Red is fearing you now Bro. One thing, Dave Morton sent me some store bought crs 5/16 and it was about 50# stronger than red. It will make you stronger than red.

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when I go for my final crush down I put the nail in my right hand squeeze and push in with my left. I don't know if this will work for harder metals but right now it does the trick. Also when I go over hand My hands end up at the right side of my head under my chin. Mayeb the whole under the chin bending is just a habbit some of us get into.

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Great progress, Clay! Congrats on the 245!

I think the under-the-chin thing is a leverage thing.

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When are you going to certify on The Red? It should just be a formality for you, since you are breaking them now. You may as well get your name in Ironmind's record books.

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