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Found Some Naturals Today


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Was at a friends home today for a barbecue, and when the rain sent us indoors I whipped out the cards and nails. To make a long story short, I gave basic instruction to 2 fellows re cards and both ripped them in half, in fact one of the guys nearly quartered a deck...Same 2 guys also bent some of my easy 60D's and almost got a blue down...First time on both feats for both of these fellows.....Neither one is a weight lifter or unusually large....Keeps me humble to know guys like this really arent that un-common...Brett

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Great report! Ive had a similar experience with bending, 2 guys taking down a blue and one taking down a yellow on their first try. Does put things in perspective and keeps us humble for sure.


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That's incredible. Sadly ,far too often, guys like this have little interest in training to get even stronger. Although keeping the rest of us humble is one practical appication of their natural strength.

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