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Blobs Vs. Plate Pinch


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hey, its me, moss again, and i wonder if anyone can help...... my pinch grip is really weak, but i can haul up big blobs. In my last training session, i managed a hex 40lb. blob, but i cant even budge two 25 plates. I have an injury to my chest :angry: , so i intend to use the time off to catch up, but if I can move blobs that size whats up? Oh, does it make a difference with olympic or regular plates?

tim :rock

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thanks for the help, all i have is olympic plates. i always use them smooth out, but i just thought if i could take to blobs as easily as i have, then plate pinching would come naturally. thanks again man.

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Hmm.. interesting. The usual saying popularized by brookfield is block weights = hand strength. Maybe this is not a general truth?

I myself have been experimenting to try to find one pinch-type of training which gives the best allround pinch strength (since me thumbs get sore real easy) but no luck so far.

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Moss, try a variety of plates and blobs if you can. Surface texture, especially with plates (try black plates with a rougher surface if you've been using gray/hammertone), and shape of the implement (York blobs vs. hex DBs) can make a big difference in the amount of weight you can pinch. There may not be as big a difference between your plate & block pinching as you think, unless you are simply better at pinching wider objects.

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