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Yesterday I tried out some of the various bending stock that David Ostlund has sent me. Thanks again, David! And by the way, I know a lot of us are already doing this, but trading bending stock with guys from the board is a lot of fun. Give it a try. It's neat to try unusual stock from around the country, or even the world. Anyways, I had a go with a piece of .323 X 7" drill stock. This stuff is crazy! Not only was the crushdown way harder than a Red, it seemed as if the steel gained strength as it was being bent. So after somewhat quickly getting to the crushdown phase, I hit a brick wall. Several more attempts moved it just a little further along, but I still couldn't quite grip it like a gripper to finish it off. And this thing was going nowhere as I attempted crushing it with my fingers interlocked. I must have given it about five more all-out efforts, with no advance. Despite my usual amount of very thick padding, I noticed that this thing was starting to hurt my palms just a little bit. So, I decided to double over the end of the padding on the left side. Now this would serve to only decrease leverage by making the range of motion greater, and I was already worn-out, but darned if it didn't start moving again, allowing me to finish the bend. Here's what I deduced from this. I think my body was shutting down due to the pain being inflicted on my palms by the rod. The interesting part is that I didn't feel like the pain was that significant. So apparently, our bodies can shut down due to pain without us even being aware of it. I thought this was very significant. It helps to explain why my bending suffers to such a great extent when the padding doesn't quite feel thick enough. I guess this is just another aspect of the bending game to keep in mind as you chart your progress and critique your workouts. Now I see to what extent tough, thick fingers can help a mimimally padded bend. Not only strength, but both mental and physical TOUGHNESS are needed for mimimally padded bends. Or maybe the moral of the story is that I am simply a big baby! My wife would surely opt for the latter explanation.

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As always you are good enough to share you findings with people here on the board :bow

Dont sell yourself short,all the padding in the world wont make me and alot of other people a red nail bender,when it comes down to it i just aint strong enough yet.

I am going to adapt the new freestyle bending tag,bend what i like,when i like and with resonable padding,but every other workout i am going to bend just useing thin leather cloths ouch,i am also going to bend 1 session useing double overhand,the next session useing double underhand and i hope to have alot of fun in the process.

That drill rod sounded really painfull,but i think with 20plus years in the iron game you know a thing or too about pain :D

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Sounds like you've developed a good strategy, future Red Nail bender! Go get it, Gazza!

And a little correction: Doubling over the pad's end wouldn't serve to increase the range of motion, it would only force the hands further apart, making the leverage less advantageous.

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Great report Eric and great job on that new stock Brother.


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