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Pain In Elbow


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Hey, almost after everytime I bend, I get a pain in my left elbow, its not a sharp pain, more like a throbbing pain, anyone have any ideas? I use the bending style showed by david to bend challenge bars. I try not to overdo it bending wise, but I just had to try some of the new grade 8's that I got, heh, lets just say if you put the bolt on a slant, you'll get a nice rhythm :D Thanks in advance

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I'm thinking that my elbow pain may have been caused by bad bending technique i.e my right hand underneath and the bar has been opening my thumb(which I did'nt notice whilst bending).

If pull my thumb against the side of my body I feel a bit of a click in my elbow.

Sorry I cannot help you with recovery much as I am just resting from bending and working my extensors more, but I hope this may give some insight to a possible problem that may occur with bad technique.

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I use the David Horne style and have the pain problem in my right elbow and it's not from bad technique. It's called a messed up tendon. I only bend once a week now because of this and may have to retire from bending because of it. The only thing you can do is take Ibuprofin to ease the pain. Mine only hurts me on the day I do my bending workout. You could go see a doctor but he will tell you to stop bending. If you do want to keep bending then you may look into using double overhand or double underhand style. I find that using double overhand causes me no pain in my elbow.

Good luck.

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I have also found that after a murderous gripper workout (negatives with the WC) that i am very tender and sometimes achy around my elbow area. On the ulnar side of the forearm flexors (upper inside forearm). This would probably not apply if you ONLY did bending and no grippers though. Or if you wore banana flavored underwear.... :whacked


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I had this same type of pain after bending Horne style. I switched over to double-overhand only, and I do not have that problem any more. I found the Horne style simply placed too much stress on the tendon in my left elbow.

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