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Past Few Days Of Bending...


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Just the past few days of bending...

Friday - 40d, 6"tt, 60d, Grade 5 bolt x 2, 60d

Sat - 40d, 6"tt, Blue nail, 60d, Grade 5 bolt

Sunday - 40d, 6"tt, 60d, 5"blue nail x 2, Kinked 5.5" Grade 5, Grade 5 bolt,

5.5" blue nail, 60d

Tues - 40d, 6"tt, 60d x 12

The bending is feeling really good - finishing that Grade 5 after kinking the 5.5" G5 was rough - pretty good to take on a tough bend in a slightly fatigued state - really makes you fight through the bend.

Hands and wrists are doing well - really adjusting to the stress of bending.

Hoping to get some video of a Grade 5 bend this weekend.

Congrats again to Eric M and David O for their great bends recently - keep the motivation coming....


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Awsome Brett.

I am looking forward to a video of your bends as I would like to check out your technique.

You mentioned that your hands and wrists have adapted to the stress of bending...how long would you say it took for that to happen? What do you do in the bend to protect your wrists?

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Someone's been training! Excellent progress, Brett! You motivate ME!

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Fantastic Progress.

The 5.5" Grade 5 will fall for you soon.


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Thanks Guys - The plans are pretty solid for some video this weekend.

Rekx - all I can say is that my wrists have adapted to the stress of bending - That and gripping the nail tightly to prevent any slippage.

Progress in bending seems to come in jumps not a steady progression- for awhile I was struggling with consistent 60d then I'm bending a G5 - just have to push and see where you are...

That 5.5 is next on the list!


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A little more bending today-

40d, 6"tt, Blue nail, Grade 5 bolt x 2, 60d x 3

plate pinch 2/25# - 2 sets of 5 r+L

some #2 closes

Time to take a couple of days off - the grade 5s felt tough today -

A little cumulative soreness in the hands - mainly right.

Enjoyed Eric's insights on the padding and the bodies shutdown reaction to pain.

My hands are developing a couple of "numb" areas to press into.


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Good bending Brett. Take a couple days off and use a contrast bath for your hands each day with as extreme as you can deal with water temperatures.

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