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First "real" Nail Bent


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Well i've been working on bending a couple of times a week now for about 9-10 weeks doing bends of 3/16" and 1/4" HRS.

When I started I bought some bolts and nails as well but until today I have only been able to kink them to about 20 degrees.

Anyway today after warming up with a 7" x 1/4" piece of HRS and a 6 1/2" x 1/4" piece I decided to try one of my unbent 5 1/2" x 5.6mm nails

I got it kinked to about 20 degrees no problem but I had to crank up the stereo and get really angry to get it to the point where I could crush it down. In the process of getting it to about 90 degrees I lost a chunk of skin but I was determined to finish it off so I grit my teeth and got on with the job.

anyway end result is my first proper nail bent to 2" and one very sore hand!

I also had to lie on the ground gasping for a while :whacked

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Victory! :rock

Congrats, Octogen!

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Thanks Eric

Reading about your bending feats and watching your Vids is very inspiring!

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Wait until you start on the challenge bars. Once I go over 200 and do more than one a session the muscle on top of the forearm which inserts under the bicep aches for 20 minutes - painfully - not a pump but a proper 'ouch that hurts'. That and the pain I used to get when the bars dug - cloth or no cloth - into the palm of my hands. :cry But I am getting better all the time and want a 240 kilo bar at the Iron Grip. :rock

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