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I finally decided to try some real weight on the yoke I made last week. I used 400lbs to walk down 50ft, turn and walk back. I only made it for two sets and my legs were done after that. I did have to put it down once on the second set. I know its not a lot of weight for some, but I'm happy for my second time using it. This is going to be fun to train with! :unsure


I also made a 2.5" thickbar last week. I found a solid 2.5" steel bar and welded 15 inches of 1" on each end(standard plates) Its just a smooth bar so its real tough to hold on to. I deadlifted 200lbs double overhand today with it. Not my max, but I wouldnt have been good for much more.

One other thing I made was a blockweight. I got a solid bar about 6" thick and cut a piece 4.5" wide(a workout in itself). after smoothing the edges it came out to 40lb exactly. :rock I'll get pictures of the bar and blockweight soon.

One last thing...everything I make is from scap metal laying around work so its free. work is great! (for now)


my gym

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You should check out the thread entitled "blobs for everyone". I am in the process of making an "Asprin" and an "Excederine" PVC blob replica. I may even consider building the "Tums" PVC blob someday.

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Cool gym. I couldn't help but notice the clavis. Is it large enough to use as a kettlebell handle? I've though of this, but havn't been able to find one big enough...

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