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Anyone Ever Think Of Endurance Bending


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Perhaps each comp have categories like:

beginer - 3/16 polebarns or Timber Ties (TT) [encourages addiction]

novice - blues or 60ds [addicts]

advanced - 60ds - 6" grade 5s [freaks]

Time limit of say ~3 min.

This way wrapping is not an issue. As excessive wrapping will produce less bends. This will encourage the leather cushions or less/bare_handed. Use same basic rules. Who cares if chest is used more or wrist is used more. One can change bending styles while bending to rest certin areas as well. Just bend.

Also strength varience of a single peice is not that worthy as you will be bending more than one peice (hopefully 10+). The varying strength will equal out in other words.

Done this way it should fit nicely right after gripper and pinch but, prior to say farmers walks, RTH and such. Since I have never done a comp I'll not pretend I know what I'm talking about but, I have and do train many areas of grip and many times right after each other.

My dream grip comp events:


Plate pinch

Endurance Bending

RTH (revolving thick handle DL) or thick handle db snatch

Plate Curl for reps

some day...


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That's a very cool idea.

This will encourage the leather cushions or less/bare_handed

I've tried to bend bare handed, i see no reason to encourage that, it kills the hands. It is an unecessary pain IMO.

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Someday I would like to host a grip comp/get_together but, I need to attend one first.

Sorry if I gave impression I was planning on one soon. I was just reading that some comps bending events do not go over very well and this was just a suggestion. I like the sound of it. I would really like to be able to bend 60ds before having my own comp though. I'm not far away from that so...

BTW, I live in Austin, Texas.

amaury, you are right as I would not bend bare handed either.


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Great way to get your hands eaten up. Contest sounds good to me except i would bomb at plate curling I'd just have to kick ass in the other events. Speed bending is almost what we do when we volume bend.

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I want to add this to the next KC Grip Fest. Of course I will win in my class as I am the only one in the wussy class! I can bend coat hanger after coat hanger! :blink

I got my Weider Dumbell turned hammer just waiting for me at home now. Maybe next meet in KC I will actually be able to bend a non-copper item. :yikes

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