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Got My Stainless Nails Today

Clay Edgin

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On 4/12 I ordered a pound of 60d stainless and 40d stainless common nails from Manasquan Premium Fasteners online. On 4/15 I received the invoice via USPS (not bad for shipping from NJ to CA) but no nails, which were coming by UPS Ground. I asked that the nails be shipped to my office, but they showed up at home today. No biggie though. There are 12 60d's per pound and 21 40d's per pound.

These things are pretty sweet because of the way stainless responds under heat and cooling - when heated and left to cool on its own, it will become VERY hard, but if you heat it up and cool it in water, it will stay soft which is the opposite of how high carbon steel works. The reason I mention this is because when you start the bend, you can finish it quickly if you really explode through the nail and it feels like the 60d is bending easier than a blue nail.

But here is where it gets fun. If you kink the nail and let it cool, then try to go at it again, it is tough. Not just 60d tough, but Grade 5 tough. If you bend it a little further and let it cool, it gets even tougher. The last crush down is noticeably harder than a Grade 5 in my opinion and despite the fact that I now have 9 fully U'ed grade 5's hanging on my wall, I could not finish off a third stainless 60d tonight after letting it cool.

At some point though, heating it and cooling it is going to make it brittle and it will break, so I am going to try to do this some night. Not tonight though!

My buddy is coming over tonight and we are going to run a couple 40d's through his earlobes, so I'll take a pic for my gallery

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So stainless are easier then other 60D's went bent straight through, no breaks.

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Hey Clay... are you saying that high carbon steel will soften if let to cool on its own, and will harden if cooled quickly?

I have some "silver steel" that is about 1.2% carbon.... this is pretty high, yeah?

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Right, Jeff, the stainless 60d's are easier if you do them real quick. Don't let that metal get a chance to cool down! No breaks, but I don't know but what it will break after kinking it, letting it cool, then rekinking it again several times will break it. That would be a great feat of strength IMO

McHam, I'm not real sure how your "silver steel" will react. High carbon steel will soften if heated and left to cool in the air. It will get hard if you heat it up and dunk it in water. I'd recommend throwing a piece in the fireplace and experimenting

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