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Pinching Bottle Caps

Wanna Be

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What about this? Pinching bottle caps with the thumb and only one of the digits?

The ones that I seem to have in abundance are Budweiser bottle caps. It seems that it is quite a task for finger four and five.

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Good idea!

I've pinched bottle caps at parties, but never tried different fingers.

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Import caps are tougher. Go to a bar & ask them to save some for you, most will be happy to when you explain why. I used to bartend (for 12 years) & after I'd read about Mac Batchelor, I started crushing caps at work when things were slow. Never could get the pinkie/thumb crush. Corona caps are good, steel & heavy. Also a lot of the German imports.

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I suck compared to some here on the Board.

Check out Gorilla's video it's great.

I've seen Big Steve mash 3 at once by putting them between his fingers and making a fist.

I find myself buying beer in bottles just for the caps. At least that's what I tell my wife. :);)


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Are you all taking about bending them backwards or forwards? Forwards meaing that the sharper side ends up touching.

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