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Plate Curls Vs Sledge Levering


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Hello everyone, which is more effective for the wrist and forearm and for total lower arm strength? Plate curls along with plate wrist curls or different variations of sledgehammer levering.

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Depends on what you're trying to build. Sledgehammers really allow you to focus on wrist tendon strength. Plate curls I beleive build some wrist tendon strength, but work more on the muslces that cause wrist flexion. Check the FAQ, I think someone did an explanation of what muscles each exercise works.

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For the wrist and forearm and total lower arm strength as you mentioned, I'd have to give the nod to plate curls and plate wrist curls. However if you're interested in bending or are a top-roller in armwrestling, sledge levering is hard to beat.

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Thanks alot guys. Right now I am doing plate curls and wrist curls in my workout. A few weeks ago I was doing plate curls and wrsit curls along with sledge levering and found out that I was overtraining so I decided to drop sledge levering for now.

Maybe when I develop more base strength in my wrist I will be able to do both plate curling and sledge levering. I usually do plate curls on arm day as a finisher after completing barbell curls and hammmer curls along with reverse curls.

I also do block pinch gripping after completing deadlifts and bent over rows on back day.

I train with grippers on my off days from weight training sessions, usually no more than twice a week. Please feel free to comment or make any suggestions.

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Depends what your goals are. But, for overall strength, I wouldn't neglect either.

I do sledges because my focus right now is bending.

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