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Bending A Heart


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Hey there, this goes out to everyone, but especially those who are well experienced in scroll work and non short bar bending.

First, be easy on my cheesyness, I cant help it, I'm a romantic. :blush BUT, I want to bend a heart out of some CRS for a special lady in my life. Mainly I am asking how you guys would go about bending the thing. Such as....

Would you start the scrolling with the point at the bottom of the heart, making a fairly large V and then attempting to curve the ends together forming the rounded top of the heart, OR would you attempt a curved bend first, either doing both ends first, then the pointed bottom, or a curved end first, pointed bottom, another curved end. I will be buying a good amount of steel to practice with to see what works best for me, but I would love your guys input. Also, what diameter metal. All scroll work I have done up to this point has been 1/4" (dont make fun)simply because I can actually bend it how I actually want it to look. I cant say I have much experience with thicker Diameter scroll work, but if ppl feel it would look/bend better then there ya go. Really, I am looking for it to be as symetrical as possible, bending only where bending is needed, and I would like to get it so that the ends of the curved heart are touching, if its possible. In case my level of strength comes into play, I have bent all 60D's I'm come across (just conquered this hard batch last week!), easily bend 5" x 1/4" CRS (I dont like going shorter, doesnt feel nice), and have....one time.....got a grade 5. But that was a fluke/weak grade 5 compared to any other I have tried.

Anyway, any input/advice would be greatly appreciated. :happy

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